Portland Mayor

Ethan Strimling

Were it not for Emily’s leadership, we would not have passed a $64M bond that will allow us to transform Reiche into a 21st century school of learning. While others were willing to accept a smaller amount or attempting to cut the school out altogether, Emily stood fast and prevailed. As a member of the school board, I have no doubt she will always put our children first, and that is why I wholeheartedly endorse her.
2018 Democratic Candidate for governor, former director of the Maine Women's Lobby and the Maine Commission for Women

Betsy Sweet

Emily works with dedication, with purpose, and with more heart and guts than most of us can muster. When I think about kids having an advocate like that on the school board, it makes me hopeful. Hopeful that the most important issue facing our future—smart, cared for, safe, educated kids—will be in good hands.
Ranking Senate Chair of the Education Committee

Rebecca Millett

Member of the Portland School Board

Tim Atkinson

District 1 School Board Candidate (unopposed)

Abusana “Micky” Bondo

Former member of the Portland School Board

John Eder

Portland is lucky to have someone as experienced, talented, and committed to fighting for the schools as Emily. She’ll be a leader on the Board and a champion for Portland’s kids.
4-school bond leadership team

John Thibodeau

A tireless worker, tremendous advocate for equitable, high quality schools, and a leader in bringing people together to work collaboratively. I can think of no better person to serve on Portland’s School Board than Emily Figdor.
Parent and 4-school bond leadership team

Eva Humeniuk

Emily gives our students, teachers and community a powerful voice at the table. This progressive woman moves mountains.
Parent and 4-school bond leadership team

Aura Russell-Bedder

Emily is by far the smartest, most capable leader I've ever worked with. She does her homework, she collaborates, and she gets things done. Our students and educators in the Portland Public Schools couldn't have a better champion in their corner than Emily.
Parent, educator, and 4-school bond leadership team

Emily Herlihy

Emily has fought so hard and effectively for our schools. From passing the 4-school bond to helping lead the Reiche PTO, Emily puts her heart and sweat into making our schools the best they can be. I’m thrilled she’s taking this next step in running for school board.
Parent, educator, Reiche PTO co-chair, and 4-school bond leadership team

Joanna Frankel

Reiche parent and PTO Secretary

Chelsea Peters

Reiche parent and PTO Treasurer

Anna Fincke

UA Local 716 Plumbers & Pipefitters

John Napolitano

Sheet Metal Workers Local #17

Don Nazaroff

Carpenters Local 349

John Leavitt

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4

Bobby Burr

Reiche parent and executive director of the Maine State Building & Construction Trades Council

Jason Shedlock

Community leader and organizer

Deqa Dhalac

Parent and president of the Ocean Avenue School PTO

Victoria Parker

Activist and former Portland legislator

Diane Russell

Portland entrepreneur

Patrick Roche

Emily is a consummate champion for the interests of the people. She's always on the front lines, advancing just causes, and growing the culture around civic engagement, social justice, and educational reform. With Emily on the School Board, the people of Portland will have a tireless advocate for the welfare and educational opportunities of our next generation.
Parent and nurse

Stephanie O'Brien

Parent and small business owner

Mollie Barnathan

Parent and small business owner

Charity West

Parent, educator, and 4-school bond volunteer

Abby Fuller

Emily is deeply committed to ensuring Portland children get the best education possible and to supporting our educators. She works incredibly hard, is always well informed, and carefully weighs the pros and cons of each decision. She will be a tremendous asset to the school board.