Renovating all four rundown elementary schools

In November 2017, Portland voters passed a $64 million bond to renovate the city's four rundown elementary schools—Reiche, Presumpscot, Longfellow, and Lyseth. The bond passed overwhelmingly, with 77% of the vote in District 2 and 65% citywide. Emily is proud to have led that campaign.


Emily opposes closing neighborhood schools or eliminating school choice

Neighborhood elementary schools and school choice for our high schools are hallmarks of the Portland Schools.

Because the state is shifting education funds to poorer districts, the Portland School Board is conducting a large Enrollment and Facilities Study this fall to evaluate potential school closures, consolidation, and redistricting in order to save money. They have put on the table closing island schools, creating new grade combinations like K-8 schools, consolidating the high schools, closing neighborhood elementary schools, and redistricting, among other options.


Pre-k for all is one of Emily's top priorities. Here's why.

High-quality preschool lays a strong foundation for children’s later success—not just in their early years and in school, but also well into their adult lives and even in their relationships and careers.

That’s why achieving universal access to high-quality preschool is essential for helping to reduce Portland's substantial achievement gap and enable all kids in the city to thrive.


Getting Money Out of Politics

Big money and corporations have undue influence in elections and policymaking, profoundly distorting our democracy.

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